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Precision It's Your Choice!
TECHCORD Co., Ltd. has world-class technology in medical endoscopes and disposable medical instruments (hand-operated drug injection pump, medical cutting instrument, disposable hand-operated electrosurgical electrode).

Since the establishment in 2004, we have been manufacturing and selling the endoscopes that have been imported by our accumulated technology and continuous research and development based on medical device repair.

Since its establishment in 2011, we have expanded the manufacturing range from medical disposable medical device injection pump to medical cutting device and disposable hand-held electrode for electrosurgical electrode. Now, we have developed surgical instruments such as Sheath, Forcep Etc.) are being prepared.

The main product, Spinescope, competes with foreign products and is evaluated to be of equal or higher quality. The development of the cadavers who want to make an endoscope that combines the needs of foreign major brand medical device manufacturers Is also increasing.
Recently, there have been a lot of inquiries about purchasing and ODM products at exhibitions and SNS. It is expected to be able to export to overseas markets such as USA, China, Europe through successive acquisition of overseas certification.

We will provide innovative products and services through an effective quality system, and we will make every effort to improve medical services for our customers.

Thank you.